Hello agents! Do you enjoy working with FlashBanc and creating a portfolio of merchant partners? Would you like to bring individuals you know into the fold and share the experience with them? If so, you can make fantastic use out of FlashBanc’s Agent Referral Program! What is the Agent Referral Program, you ask? We will explain exactly that, why you should take advantage of it, and what you can gain from it below!

What is the Agent Referral Program?

The referral program for agents is exactly what it sounds like. It is a way for agents to bring others into FlashBanc, either to work together or independently. They will accomplish the same tasks that our other agents do and receive the same training for it. Some agents have even built their own team to build better relationships with new merchants. There is more to the program than just building a team, however. Whenever you recruit a new agent for FlashBanc using a referral, you receive a portion of their residuals from FlashBanc. This portion will vary.

Here’s an example, let’s say you’ve recruited a new agent for FlashBanc. Whenever they make a partnership with a merchant for FlashBanc, you will gain 10% of their residual percentage. So, if their deal grants them 50% of the account’s net profit, then you will receive 10% of their 50%.

Is there a limit?

Not at all! You can continue to recruit as many agents as you like. As long as they make deals with merchants, and as long as those merchants stay with FlashBanc, you will continue to profit from it. Additionally, they too can recruit individuals for FlashBanc and can expect the same deal. However, you won’t get residuals from anyone they refer to FlashBanc. 

What else should I know?

Remember that the residuals you receive from your referrals are not your only source of income. You also have your regular residuals from any merchant deals you make yourself. With the two efforts combined, agents can build a vast portfolio of merchant partnerships and agent referrals for a large amount of passive income. While you have that passive income, you can continue to build your portfolio by gathering more merchants or recruiting more agents. Your residuals will build off of each other. Keep in mind, however, that if anyone leaves FlashBanc, you also lose those residuals. It is important to keep a strong relationship between your merchants, agents, and FlashBanc to ensure everyone is content.

How can I get started?

To learn more about the program, including how you can get started with referring people, contact your sales director or FlashBanc directly and ask away! You can contact our partner support department for more information by calling 1-800-808-1622 and selecting option 3. Remember that FlashBanc is always here to help you succeed!