Hello agents! Last week, we mentioned that FlashBanc offers you marketing support in the form of materials, such as flyers and business cards. However, those are not the only resources we offer you. Today, we are going to cover everything we have to offer you to power your success. 


FlashBanc offers training for each and every agent we have. This training is available via three avenues. The first is through My FlashBanc, where we offer conference calls, webinars, live and recorded training videos, as well as manuals. Additionally, we also offer a 3-day program where you can fly to our Florida headquarters for intensive training. We also have a podcast with constantly updated information. The concepts covered by these options include the basics of merchant processing to the more advanced concepts such as specific systems and programs.


MyFlashBanc is a portal that we have developed to provide you with the ability to manage your business. You can access all of our marketing materials, manage your leads and accounts, read industry-related news, and stay updated on company events like contests and promotions. MyFlashBanc also serves to let you stay updated on your earnings, which you can access at any time on any day. FlashBanc University is also accessible through the site. MyFlashBanc is meant to serve as a center of information for you and provide you with everything you need to make decisions and improve yourself.

Personal Sales Director

All agents are assigned a sales director that is your point of contact within the company. They offer anything you need, from personal training on specific topics to in-depth information regarding programs and technology, as well as industry-specific laws or practices. They also support you with every merchant you work with. Anytime you need assistance with signing on a merchant, your director is always open to help you cross the finish line.

Personal Support

In addition to the support provided by sales directors, we have a partner support system and client support system for you to access or refer your merchants to, respectively. Both of these systems are designed to help you make a merchant account, and keep that relationship alive. 

Marketing Materials

The marketing materials offered by FlashBanc and accessible through MyFlashBanc vary between all of our products and services. The products include the basic FD130 and PAXS80 to the more advanced Clover suite. The programs include our reduced fees and gift card flyers, as well as many others. We can even personalize these materials to include your name, contact information, and title. We also offer custom business cards that we will send you more of any time you request it through your director. We also offer special materials to those agents who win our monthly sales contests.

Social Media

We have social media accounts that are used to disperse information straight to you, multiple days a week. We offer quick facts about the industry that may interest or help you, podcasts, tips, and even motivational messages for the days when you need it the most! Make sure to follow us on our social media pages to stay updated on when we post! 

If you have any questions regarding these resources or the potential for future resources, reach out to your sales director and ask! We’ll answer any questions you have!