Hello Agents! The field of sales can be quite difficult to get leads in, especially when you don’t have any support. Luckily, FlashBanc can provide you with all sorts of support, including marketing materials. We have realized that it is also necessary to become your own maketer to be successful. So, below we have some tips on how you can successfully market yourself!

Social Media

Social media has allowed for an unparalleled network of communication and reach, connecting billions of people all over the world. With this wide reach, you can use it to your advantage. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and every other form of social media all have their own quirks and ways of connecting people. Choose a platform to focus on, such as Instagram, and do some research on what your audience likes to see and what it doesn’t. Then start posting your content with those parameters in mind. If it likes to see community engagement, then try encouraging a dialogue in your comments. Choose related content that merchants would enjoy seeing, such as the potential benefits you have to offer. Finally, add some hashtags to provide your content with some categories to find it under. This is just a barebones run down, but it will be enough to give you a presence to spring off of. However, social media is not the only form of getting yourself out there…

Physical Media

We’ve all seen it. Billboards, posters, business cards, and good ‘ol fashioned mailing campaigns. It’s the sort of marketing that most people don’t see as effective anymore, and most people are wrong. While FlashBanc can provide you with flyers and business cards, and while not everyone can purchase space on a billboard, there are other ways that you can use physical media to your advantage. Create some personalized materials for a merchant that you want to get the attention of, and mail it to them, or post it near their building. These materials might include your own personalized flyers that you designed, or a greeting card. Perhaps you might send a happy birthday card to them on their anniversary. The point is to get their attention, and get them talking. Speaking of talking…

Word of Mouth

The most powerful way to get someone to be interested in you, is to have someone else vouch for you. Have you helped another merchant find success? Ask them to pass the message along and speak to their friends or businesses in the area. Perhaps you have a particularly strong relationship with them and they would be willing to meet another merchant with you as a testimony. The goal here is to create a local network, similar to social media, but among people and not devices. While someone providing you a shout-out digitally might be a little interesting, being told to use your services in person provides a whole other meaning. It gives the receiver an image that the speaker really believes in you, and that your services are of the utmost quality. 

All of this can be used in tandem with the techniques that you already employ. These methods are meant to support you and provide you with an extra presence that you might not already have. Of course, the greatest resource you have is your skill at selling and the knowledge you have of your product. If you need any help getting that knowledge or developing your skills, contact your sales director. Additionally, if you need more materials that FlashBanc can provide, contact us for that too!