In your journey to find small and medium-sized businesses to convert over to the FlashBanc, there are a number of them that will be easier to change than others. Any business that is not a large corporation is a great match for FlashBanc, however, you may not have the best luck with convincing them of the same fact. There is no industry better than another, and restaurants will not always yield better results than a general store. The best types of businesses to approach are those that would benefit from your offerings. Perhaps you can offer them a program that would help build their business. They might suffer from a higher processing rate than what you can provide through FlashBanc. So, how can you approach them with this in mind?

Higher Rates

If a business is suffering from higher rates, talk to the owner about their bottom line. For a small business, their profit margin is their entire livelihood. Unlike a corporation, a small or even medium business operating at a loss could result in the owner losing everything. Due to this, they are going to be more responsive to anything that can help improve that margin. If you cannot offer a lower rate, you can also discuss the cash discount program, that removes any processing fee if cash is used, and pushes the processing fee to the customer’s bill. This way, the owner can continue processing transactions with no impact to their bottom line.

Building Business

Perhaps the business you want to approach is having a difficult time bringing in customers. They can benefit from a loyalty program via a terminal such as the PAX S80. By making use of this program, they can encourage customers to come back and potentially appeal to newer ones. Additionally, the gift card program that many terminals can take advantage of will offer another form of payment, especially as the holiday season continues to move closer. These two programs are just examples of how certain businesses can make use of FlashBanc’s resources to solve their problems, besides just lower fees. Speaking of needing resources…

Cash Advance

A merchant may have difficulty making ends meet, regardless of their performance. More so, they may need to make an investment or help to pay their employees during a slow season. By informing them of the cash advance program, you can provide them with a solution that will help them in any of those situations. They also would not need to pay it back in the traditional sense, as FlashBanc takes the payments as a transaction fee.

The big picture here isn’t to remind you of FlashBanc’s services or how to use them, but rather to look at how a business is struggling or at what they need for success, and provide that need through FlashBanc. The best businesses to approach are the ones where you can add a significant amount of value to their model, not just for a short time, but for their entire relationship with you, the agent, and their relationship with FlashBanc as a whole.