As a FlashBanc Sales Agent, your main priority is to help your clients save money, better serve their customers, and thrive even during this tough economic time. With the help of SwipeSimple, the innovative payment solutions provider, we’re proud to be able to offer your clients a cash discount program that will help them save on credit card processing fees and delight their customers with amazing discounts. Keep reading to learn more about our program and how it will help your merchant clients. 

How Does Cash Discount Work? 

When a customer has finished selecting the items they’d like to purchase and they’re ready to checkout, your client will ring their items up like normal. Once their payment terminal calculates the total cost, it will prompt the customer to choose whether they’d like to pay using a credit card or cash. If they select “cash,” the cash discount program will automatically calculate a percentage discount based on the overall transaction amount. When setting up the program, you will assist your client in deciding what percent discount they will offer their valued customers for opting to pay with cash. When your client prints out their customer’s receipt, it will clearly note the discount they received by choosing this payment method. 

So, what happens when a customer selects “credit”? The cash discount program will automatically add on a percent addition to the total amount due for the transaction. Again, you will help your client decide what percent will be used to calculate this addition to their customer’s bill. Simply put, a cash discount program allows your client to pass the cost of processing a credit card payment along to their customer. When your client offers them the option to pay cash and receive a discount, this allows them to charge them a small fee if they choose to pay using a credit card. The small charge will be automatically listed on the customer’s receipt. 

Major Selling Points of Our Cash Discount Program 

Now that we’ve discussed how cash discount programs operate, it’s time to detail the incredible benefit your client and their customers will receive by implementing one. First, your client will achieve sizeable savings in credit card processing fees. By offering their customers a cash discount, they will eliminate any of the fees associated with processing a payment transaction which over time, will help their business tremendously. As their customers become aware of the program and the savings they’ll receive, your client will find that their payment processing costs drop significantly. Another thing we think that your clients will love is that it’s available to them, free of charge!

In addition to helping your client save on credit card processing fees, FlashBanc’s cash discount program will help their customers save money during one of the toughest economic downturns of our lifetimes. With countless businesses laying off or furloughing their employees, many consumers are struggling to pay their bills, so saving them money is the name of the game right now. While saving a few dollars here and there might not seem like a huge deal for some people, to others, it can mean everything. 

Learn More 

If you have any questions about FlashBanc’s cash discount program, please make sure to reach out to your Sales Director. They will be happy to provide you with more information about the program and how it will benefit your clients.