Hello agents! As your merchants busier and busier this holiday season, we wanted to make a post discussing the importance of selecting the best words when speaking with merchants. Why you ask? Because of the slight difference between two words can make the difference between making a deal and losing one. Every word has its own specific definition, and while there are many synonyms for each, there are ideal situations for each. Knowing when to use one word over another is important in selling to anyone, including merchants.

What Words Should I Use?

Well, as much as we would love to cover every single word in the English dictionary and every situation to use them in, we can’t. This is mostly due to the fact that the Oxford dictionary has over 170,000 words in it. What we can do is to advise you on the types of words to use. 

If a merchant seems rather short on patience or time, it is important to use language that is passive and allows the merchant to feel in control. If they feel rushed or forced into a situation, they may push back. Rather than saying that a program is a “must-have” or “the only choice”, you can state that it’s highly recommended and support it with testimonies from previous merchants. While this is one, very specific example, the purpose of it is to provide a basis for you to think of alternative phrases that might better fit a situation.

More Than Just Words

While the words you use are paramount, what is just as, if not more important, is how you say them. The tone, volume, and inflection in your voice deliver different messages. Properly controlling these factors can allow you to convey a very specific and tailored message to the merchant for the best chances at success.

The Method of Delivery

You should also know the best channels for communicating with a merchant, be it through phone, emails, texts, or smoke signals. Each channel has its own specific advantages and disadvantages. As it turns out, we have a post about that exact topic! Deciding whether a message could be misinterpreted, need the addition of your voice for proper conveyance, or just need an official channel for a paper trail is an important consideration. Our post will assist you in making that decision. You can read it here to learn more! 

Where Else Can I Learn This?

The best source of sales tips and information comes from your sales director. They are uniquely prepared to assist and teach you the best methods and approaches for dealing with merchants. This includes the way you communicate with them. If you have any other questions, you may consider speaking with the partner support department, which your director can help you contact, or by reading our other blog posts and listening to our FlashCast. FlashBanc looks forward to helping you succeed in every way possible and is a phone call or email away!