Hello Agents! As a Sales Partner with Flashbanc, you’ve heard and seen customer testimonials from other agents. Although you may have seen customer testimonials, do you understand the importance of it? Well, in today’s blog we are going to explore the area of customer testimonials and how a Sales Agent can use it to their advantage. 

What is a Customer Testimonial?

Customer testimonials are recommendations from satisfied buyers that affirm the value of a product or service. Most of the time, customer testimonials are produced by satisfied customers rather than unhappy customers. Customer testimonials come in many different forms. 

For example, the most common customer testimonial is the form of a quote. In this case, as a Sales Agent,  testimonials would be from merchants who have already done business with FlashBanc and can say in a few words whether they enjoy doing business with FlashBanc and why.  Another form of customer testimonials may also include statements made by merchants on social media and customer reviews written by merchants. 

How To Take Advantage of It

 Customer Testimonials by merchants will give potential merchants an insight on what to expect when doing business with FlashBanc. When potential customers see positive comments and reviews they will be more inclined to make a business deal with you. As a Sales Agent, you can use customer testimonials to your advantage. Customer testimonials show the area in which FlashBanc and the Sales Agents are doing well in order to achieve customer satisfaction. Now that the Sales Agent knows which area is doing well, it could allow them to focus on that area when trying to make that closing deal with other potential merchants. Another benefit of customer testimonials is that it gives FlashBanc, and you as a Sales Agent, a creditable value. When a potential merchant is able to see other merchant testimonials, it will show them FlashBanc is not just business that popped up overnight. It will allow the potential merchants to get over any skepticism they may have about the company if they never heard of FlashBanc before. The reason potential merchants will get over skepticism about the company is that testimonials are left from real people with unbiased opinions. It also allows potential merchants to build trust.  Trust is one of the most important things between a Sales Agent and any merchants. 

How To Obtain A Customer Testimonial 

There are many different ways a Sale Agent can obtain a testimonial from merchants. One way a Sales Agent can get a testimonial from merchants is simply asking if they can use a quote they just said to you about FlashBanc. Another way is opening up your email to receive feedback from the merchants you are working with. Also, it is important to get the consent of the merchant to display their testimonial to the public. The testimonials could be displayed on your social media accounts or released through FlashBanc. 

Customer Testimonials are one tool a Sales Agent can utilize to make a closing deal with other potential merchants. Also, the Sales Agent can use the testimonial to see what works with merchants and what can be modified to get merchants to be completely satisfied with FlashBanc and yourself as a Sales Agent.