Hello agents! Today we have a post discussing a resource that everyone should use! The special podcast that we publish every week: FlashCast. This post will discuss the topics covered, posting frequency, and where you can find it!

What is FlashCast?

FlashCast is a podcast produced to keep our agents up-to-date on everything in merchant processing and FlashBanc, hosted by our favorite Marketing Director, Melany Briceno. It features a variety of visitors and topics to provide you with as much information as possible. The education provided by this information is designed to allow you to make the best choices when speaking with a merchant.

What kinds of topics?

The topics cover a wide variety, starting with internal FlashBanc news such as updates to MyFlashBanc and how to use it. Following internal news, FlashCast also discusses the services and products such as the gift card program and Clover suite, allowing you to learn everything you need to bring these items up to merchants. FlashCast also brings guests such as our variety of Sales Directors to discuss training and sales techniques. Among others, these topics include Merchant Processing 101 and Sales Techniques and Approaches. Finally, the podcast will occasionally bring up general topics, like avoiding slower seasons or discussing our sister company, YuzzBuzz.

When and where are new episodes posted?

FlashCast is released every Tuesday. Every release is also preceded by a post on our Charge Into The Future social media, letting all of our followers know about the episode, topic, and potential guests. You can find every new episode, as well as every previous one, on Itunes and Soundcloud. 

Why should I listen?

FlashCast is designed to help you become the best agent possible by providing you with a wide array of information. By listening in every week, you will have the opportunity to learn about all of our products and programs, as well as pick-up on the many sales tips that are given throughout the episodes. Additionally, we occasionally have episodes featuring information that would be incredibly helpful to your merchants, and you can be the one to provide them with that information after listening. The Client Support Department is one such example that all of your merchants should know, but you may be unable to tell them about it if you didn’t catch that episode. FlashCast will keep you up-to-date with FlashBanc and merchant processing, helping you gain new merchants and continue serving your current ones.

Now what?

Have you listened to every episode? If not, then that would be a great way to begin. Catch up on the podcast so that you are on the same page as everyone else. Then, follow our agent-based social media so that you know when a new episode has gone up. Finally, make sure to listen to each new episode. You never know what you will learn every week and it could be the critical difference between making or breaking a deal. 
If you would like to visit our social media page, you can click here. Additionally, you can click here to listen to FlashCast on Soundcloud.