Hello agents! ‘Tis the season for holidays, which means more business for many of our merchants, and one of the most common purchases: gift cards! These magnificent forms of currency offer our partners a large increase in revenue, and today we will be covering why it is important for you to discuss it with your merchants. Additionally, we will also go over our loyalty program that merchants will also benefit from. 

Gift cards

Merchants will have multiple questions regarding our gift card program. What sort of equipment is needed? Are there associated costs? What can I do if I decide I do not want it? 

Fortunately, we have the answers that they are looking for! To start, the gift card program does not require any specific equipment, but it does require a program to allow the processing of the card. More importantly, there are no additional costs that come with the program, and if a merchant decides that they don’t want to continue the program, no problem! They can cancel it at any time. What’s more, this program presents an opportunity for a merchant to have their own branded cards. It allows them to advertise themselves to anyone who sees it used. Depending on the card that is purchased, it could stretch to other stores, even competitors. Another advantage of gift cards is customers’ tendencies to spend more money than what is loaded on the card. After emptying the card, merchants can then reload the card to allow its reuse and to allow the customer to spend more than what is on the card again. Overall, the gift card program offers merchants with an extra stream of revenue in prepaid cards.

As November comes to an end and December crawls closer, these gift cards will be purchased as a form of gifts for the upcoming season. With the holidays offering this boost in sales, the prepaid revenue allows merchants to prepare to expand their companies in the new year. 


As merchants adopt the gift card program, they can also drive return customers with our loyalty program. This program will help merchants encourage customers to come back through rewards. These rewards can include discounts, free products, or other potential rewards! Speak with our partner support department or your sales director to find out what sort of equipment is needed for this program. They will work with your merchant to set them up with the proper terminal and if their current one is not compatible. The additional revenue brought by the repeat business, coupled with the gift card program, makes for a strong advantage for merchants.

How can they make use of these programs?

Merchants can find out more by contacting their sales representative such as yourself or our client support department at 1-800-808-1622. If they need different equipment to make use of them, FlashBanc will help them get set up! Should you have any questions about how you can speak to a merchant about these programs or what they need in order to work, don’t hesitate to contact your sales director or the partner support department.