Hello Partners! As a Sales Partner with FlashBanc, you should be well aware of all the training resources available to you. However, one training resource that is highly important to your learning experience as a Sales Partner is the MyFlashBanc Portal. Today we are going to take a deeper look into the MyFlashBanc Portal and all of the valuable information and resources it has to offer to you.

FlashBanc University

FlashBanc University is an interactive course offered only to Sales Partners of FlashBanc. Throughout the course, there are strategies about selling to potential merchants and information on merchant processing. FlashBanc University takes a partner through all four years, where the beginning is Freshman year ending with Senior year. As agents go up in grade level, the information gets advanced. After each grade level, partners are presented with a quiz. The questions on the quiz are information that was taught to you in the section. Also, it is important to note that each section is extremely important to your training experience, so you may not want to skip any sections. 

Videos and FlashCast

In My FlashBanc Portal, there are videos and podcasts. The name of FlashBanc’s podcast is called FlashCast. The videos and FlashCast are located under the mytraining tab in the My FlashBanc Portal. 

 There are four sales training videos. In the training video, it gives the Sales Partner an overview of what to expect when working with FlashBanc. Apart from the sales training videos, there are Tip Tuesday videos as well. Tip Tuesday is a quick short video that includes a tip to better your experience as Sales Partners. Tip Tuesday is beneficial for you because they include people from the different departments of FlashBanc. For example, tips ranging from Client Support to tips from the Sales Director. These are also located on our social media as well. We also have another section titled FlashCast. FlashCast is the company’s podcast that includes the company news, industry news, and more in-depth information for Sales Partners. The FlashCast is a useful training resource because of how in-depth certain topics will get. You can find the podcast on MyFlashBanc, SoundCloud, Spotify and iTunes.


Under the mytraining tab, there is a section for documents. Within the documents section, there are subdivisions where different documents are included. For example, merchant frequent Q&A is a document that contains information about the most common questions asked by merchants and a well thought out answer for it. It is useful to go through that document because it would allow for discussion of those topics in their sales pitch and stay one step ahead of the potential merchant. Also, there are applications and an example of merchant statements. These documents are useful because it allows agents to get familiar with those forms and to know what to expect. Also by knowing what to expect, you will be prepared when visiting with those merchants face to face. Another awesome section under the documents tab is the Marketing Collateral subsection, under this tab, you can find pdf fliers that allow you to customize custom contact information. Make use of this awesome marketing material to get your merchants interested.

The MyFlashBanc portal is one of the best resources available to a Sales Partner with FlashBanc. However, there is other information on the MyFlashBanc portal, just take some time to explore the portal and all of the features…you won’t regret it. Reap the full benefits of partnering with FlashBanc!