Hello everyone, as our valued Sales Partner with FlashBanc, we want you to know that being organized is a skill set that you all should have to optimize your sales experiences. Staying organized is a useful skill to acquire, however we know that this skill set does not appear overnight. So in today’s blog, we are going to dive into the world of organization to acquire some tips on how to be organized and the benefits of this skill. This will also help you in your everyday life even if it’s not work related. 

Agenda Setting and Note Taking

There are many tools and materials that can be used to maintain organization throughout the workday, a planner is one of those useful tools that could be used. Invest in getting a planner to write your plans out for the day or to plan for the future dates ahead. Planners come in many different forms such as a little notebook, a big dry erase board, and even on your smartphone in the calendar section. Using the planner to keep a reminder about phone calls and meetings is a way to prevent conflict with times when planning meetings with your Sales Director and contacting merchants. Another way to stay organized is to take notes, taking notes will allow you to remember key details that could be forgotten over time. This tip will come in handy especially when dealing with merchants because each merchant may have a different deal and could be a part of the programs FlashBanc has to offer.

Keeping Your Paperwork and Materials Organized

Having a clean work bag and an organized portfolio will allow for easy reference to deals or paperwork that you might need to pull up in a hurry. We want everyone to know the importance of portfolio management, for example, what your portfolio should consist of and how it could be organized. For more details on how to keep the maintenance of your portfolio just visit our past blog called “Portfolio Management”. Your partnership with FlashBanc is truly valued by us and we make sure to provide you all with marketing collateral such as flyers that can be accessed on MyFlashBanc.com, business cards, and a welcome kit to use in the field. Having a work bag or satchel is a great place to keep flyers and business cards alongside your portfolio. To keep your bag organized try to set a section or assign a place for each item. Every time the item is out, put the item back in the same place to reassure that nothing gets misplaced. In the event that something does get misplaced, you are well aware because it’s not in the location it should be. Having a well-organized bag will also impact a potential merchant’s first impression of you, potential merchants will see how organized you are and will take you more seriously than someone who is less organized than you. 


Staying organized can result in many positive outcomes, for example, staying organized can reduce your stress levels. By filling out your planner, you are aware of what your day will consist of and what materials to bring with you throughout your day. Time management plays a huge role in everyday life as there are only so many hours in a day and being organized will help you gain better time management skills. Better time management skills will ultimately lead to productivity and profitability. These are just some of the benefits that result in being organized.

Staying organized doesn’t happen in the blink of an eye, but if you start getting yourself in a routine, it will later become a habit over time. Organization is a skill that should be acquired in this field of business, it will only help you in your everyday life and make life less stressful.