Hello agents! Have you had any difficulties with helping a merchant? Questions about equipment, services, or software? Well, we have the solution: the Partner Support Department! This department is designed to answer any questions that you have and your sales director cannot answer. It also streamlines the process of onboarding the new merchant accounts that you work so hard for, while also helping merchants that have already signed up with FlashBanc. Where Client Support works with merchants, Partner Support serves to link the directors and agents to the client support department in a smooth and simple way. 

How Can Partner Support Help?

With Partner Support serving as a link between you and Client Support, and therefore the merchants, Partner Support can gather information to help transfer a merchant over to FlashBanc as smoothly as possible. More importantly, it can answer many questions such as equipment compatibility with software, what terminals merchants are using, the software they use on them, and what softwares work best. It can also help with time frames on when deals may be completed in. 

Partner Support can also help with rate reviews, changing their billing, or join or leave a program, after a merchant has joined FlashBanc. If your Sales Director is busy with assisting another agent or already working on something for you, Partner Support exists to also supply you with answers and assistance. 

If a merchant contacts you to clarify on a program or equipment piece that you may not have an answer for, you can contact Partner Support directly for that information.

How is it Different From My Sales Director?

Your Sales Director is there to work with you on negotiating with merchants and signing them up with FlashBanc. While they can help with merchants after the fact, their main goal is centered around new deals. Partner Support can help with the post-deal merchants, while also supporting you and your director on gaining new merchants. However, with all of this being said, make sure to still contact your Sales Director with questions, as they can still help you with merchants after a deal has been made and are as invested in keeping current merchants as you are.

Can I Still Use Client Support?

Client Support primarily serves to work with merchants and their problems. Partner Support was developed strictly to help you and allow Client Support to focus solely on their mission of providing the highest quality of support to our merchants. If you have any questions that you think Client Support can assist you with, Partner Support is more than capable of also providing those answers and was created to help you in that capacity.

How Can I Contact Partner Support?

Partner Support is available at 1-800-808-1622 and selecting option 3. Additionally, your Sales Director can place you in contact with the department, either through email or directly through a phone call. Remember that Partner Support is there to assist you in anyway possible and to not be afraid to ask any questions that might come to mind.