Hello Agents! As a Sales Partner, we want you to know the benefits of Portfolio Management. Portfolio management is a skill that FlashBanc encourages all of our sales partners to have. Today we’re here to tell you what portfolio management is and the benefits of it.

What Should Your Portfolio Consist Of?

As an ideal sales partner with FlashBanc, you should have a portfolio that contains all the business that you do business with as well at the accounts that you have officially brought on as your clients.  We also know that the range of business you do business with and accounts that you officially brought on may vary depending on your time and fieldwork, but the important thing is to start a portfolio no matter how short it is. When keeping track of your deals and accounts it is vital that your sales are organized in the portfolio, so you can easily go back and look up any information. For example, there can be a section in the portfolio labeled “Businesses In My Network” and other labeled “Accounts.” Within each of those sections, there can be subsections with labels that contain the company’s name, which will then lead to the details needed at the time. However, if the sales partner wishes not to keep a paper file portfolio on hand, the sales agent can organize their portfolio digitally, so all the information needed is located in their back pocket.  

Makes For Better Time Management Skills

When a sales partner has a well organized and managed portfolio it is easy to check or look up any details for the merchant and the company on hand. Instead of sifting through papers and trying to find one detail on the account which may seem easy to do in your mind, but could end up being time-consuming. FlashBanc wants our agents to create a system in their portfolio that will take five minutes or less to look up information. 

FlashBanc is also aware that there are sales partners that have a full-time job and do FlashBanc on the side, so we understand that time is of the essence. Also, time is a vital resource for sales partners because being on the go from business to businesses can take up a good amount of time. This is also why building sales networks with portfolio management can help you bring in more business through referral and can save you time from having to go business to business every day.

Better Communication with Merchants

Keeping a well-organized portfolio is an efficient way to manage your clients. When making deals and creating new accounts, agents are bound to run across old deals and accounts. When a sales agent does come across those old accounts they can get in contact with them to see how the FlashBanc is working for them and even try to sell them a value-added service. When a sales partner communicates with past and current merchants it shows that FlashBanc cares about their merchants and how important their business is to the company. The communication between sales partners and merchants can build trust and strong relationships. With the relationship built between merchants and sales partners, it could pave the way for future deals.

Portfolio management is a skill that will benefit you in the long run, so why not take the time to organize it now so you’ll have more time to close more deals.