Hello Agents! Have you had any difficulty with gaining leads, getting the dedicated attention of a lead, or even closing a deal? Have you taken a look at the process you’re going through and how? With the prevalence of technology and the abundance of information and data, the concept of sales has evolved as well. There has been a shift away from just presenting a product or service towards building a relationship with a client and creating a partnership with them. 

Before this evolution, sales people had control over the information that clients could obtain. Today, clients will research their problems and gather as much information as possible. Sales has always centered around providing a solution to a customer’s needs. However, today there is an added dimension: their future needs. With the ability to shop around and change processors at a moment’s notice, selling merchant solutions is no longer about a one time transaction. It’s now about the continued relationship between the agent, the processor, and the merchant. Merchant processing profits from continually processing transactions over a long period. There is little advantage in gaining a client if they leave within a month for another servicer. An agent may provide a merchant with potential savings on rates, or a program that aids them in their growth, however there is nothing to prevent them from leaving. Most processors will buy merchants out of their contracts, and there will always be a company with lower fees. 

This is where the relationship comes in. We get it, relationships are hard and commitment is scary. However, it is a necessary aspect of the industry today. By solving not just the current issue, but also continuing to solve all of their future needs, merchants will be much more likely to stay with a processor. 

This is especially important in the case of FlashBanc and it’s agents. With the reward structure of agents, you get a portion of the transactions processed by the merchants you recruit. If you recruit a merchant one month, and they leave the next, then you gain a temporary income. However, by answering the needs of those merchants, even after you have recruited them, you can build a rapport with them, strengthen your relationship, and add an extra appeal to yourself and FlashBanc: we stand with our merchants. By keeping our merchants satisfied and solving their problems, they will be much less likely to change to another processor, and thereby increasing your income and even your reputation as word of mouth spreads. 

Of course, this extends to FlashBanc as well. This is why we are dedicated in our support of merchants, 24/7. If there is a problem that an agent cannot solve, then FlashBanc will, and in turn the merchant will know that they can trust us. Again, building our relationship, and not just making it a one time transaction.

So agents, focus on beyond the first transaction with your merchants. Today, merchant processing goes past the initial impression and contract. Now both FlashBanc and it’s agents need to work together to solve today’s issues and tomorrow’s issues to continue helping our merchants.