Hello agents! Have your merchants asked you how they can expand their business? Well, since we are in the merchant processing business we can help with shopping carts! No, not the in-store, boring, run-of-the-mill shopping carts with that one REALLY squeaky wheel that JUST. WON’T. STOP. We’re talking online shopping carts. The cool, jazzy ones on the internet that merchants can integrate into their website to drive more traffic and purchases with less effort. Efficiency at its finest. So, you ask, what is this magical, shopping cart?

How Does a Shopping Cart Work

Well, an online shopping cart allows a customer to add a business’ items to a list from a catalog on a website and then purchase them through a payment gateway. That payment gateway will then securely transmit their data through multiple methods to their payment processor (#TeamFlashBanc), and their money will be given to the merchant. What is more, through the use of this shopping cart/payment gateway dynamic duo, the merchant can look at and run reports, process returns or voided transactions, and other features through their computer! It is truly the next step in conducting business. Shopping carts allow customers to purchase items from the comfort of their own home, and merchants the opportunity to sell more products from the comfort of their own homes or businesses. 

Setting Up a Shopping Cart

In order to set up this shopping cart, the merchant would need to either contact their local agent or FlashBanc and have us assist them. The largest and most important piece to properly providing them with a shopping cart is the previously mentioned payment gateway. There are many different types that offer different benefits, but FlashBanc will work to provide the merchant with the best one. By ensuring the gateway is secure, PCI compliant, and easy to use and maintain, we can also ensure a quality experience for both our merchants and their customers. 

If you would like to learn more about online shopping carts so that you can better educate your merchants, speak with your sales director or our partner support department. There we will be able to better assist you and address any questions you may have. Then you can pass that knowledge onto your merchants and begin the process! From there, you can either guide them or pass them over to the client support department for more assistance!

If you need any other help, don’t hesitate to contact FlashBanc or your sales director. Even connecting the merchant with your director can help close your deal and make the merchant happier! FlashBanc has all of the resources you need to provide the best service to your clients, so make sure that you’re using them to stay ahead of the competition. Remind your merchants that shopping carts are the next step in commerce and the FlashBanc can help them take that next step in a safe and comfortable way that secures them for the future!