Hello agents! Are you prepared for the upcoming holiday slowdown? As the holiday season gets closer, merchants are going to get busier and have less time to discuss your offerings. They will also be less likely to change processors out of concern for unexpected problems or quality of service during their most critical season. Worry not, however, because there are ways to deal with the slowdown. Today, we will suggest how you can avoid the slowdown or at least reduce its effect on you.


To begin, the most effective way to avoid the holiday’s slowdown is to begin building leads now, so that you can act on them later. While a company may be reluctant to switch processors in the middle of the season, preparing them to switch at the beginning is much easier. This is especially true if you can communicate that the change will be quick, painless, and lead to higher profits. Start doing your research now for those businesses you plan to target during the November – January time frame. Approach the establishment’s managers or owners and begin building a friendly rapport and establishing trust with them. Inform them of the benefits of joining FlashBanc as opposed to staying with their current partner. If they want to act sooner, the better it is for you. The main goal here is to make them ready to switch by December.

Problem Solve

Make note of any businesses that have run into issues with their current terminals or programs. If they are currently having issues, then the impact of those issues will be magnified when their sales begin to pick up during the busier months. When you begin speaking to them, ask them about these potential issues and discuss solutions to them, such as switching to FlashBanc. Use our array of services and fantastic client support to reinforce your presentation in comparison to their current processor. 

Out of Season Merchants

While many merchants will be swamped in customers during the holiday and should be at the top of your list for potential clients, there are other options as well. While some industries see increased patronage, others find a significant reduction in customers as their priorities shift. These businesses typically include services or specific products, such as storage facilities and outdoors-oriented companies to name two. These kinds of companies use the slower season to prepare their businesses for the busier seasons during other points of the year. 

Aim for the Post Season

In a worst-case scenario, you can work with a company and partner them with FlashBanc at the end of the season. While the holiday season may be busy for them, the new year is significantly slower and can provide you with a strong start to the year. If you can’t finish the year as strong as you’d like to, you can make a strong comeback in the following months. 

These tips are a few options open to you, and there are more ways than we have listed here to increase your sales during the hardest time of the year. Try them out, but don’t limit yourself to just what we have here. Be creative and use what works best for your style and targets. If you have any questions or need help, make sure to contact your sales director. Happy holidays!