Welcome back! We hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and are ready for a great week ahead. Monday sucks, so we’re going to make it a little better with this blog, hopefully. I’m sure everyone is aware of the dramatic changes in their work lives due to Covid-19. We will be talking about the new normal and how an Account Executive can make the most out of the given situation.


A lot of Account Executives operate with a set routine and schedule. Covid-19 may have altered or disrupted that set routine and schedule. An Account Executive may have been used to going in and meeting face to face with merchants and now have switched to strictly phone calls for the time being. Some may also meet with 5-6 merchants a day and it may be hard to get back up those numbers. Despite all the changes happening and altering routines, changing and adapting are necessary in order to keep being successful!

New Business

Ever since Covid-19 spread across the world like a wildfire, people have been skeptical to return back to their daily routine. For those people that have returned back to their daily routine, they have adopted safety methods and are slowly getting used to this new normal. Depending on how an Account Executive works, whether from home or in-person meetings, it’s important to take notice of the situation when talking to merchants.

Getting Out There Safely

While a lot of Account Executives would love to work from home during these times, success is higher when they’re out in the field meeting face to face with merchants. The main reason for success when meeting face to face with merchants is because it’s harder to tell someone no when they’re directly in front of someone rather than telling someone no over the phone. Also, take notice that merchants receive cold calls everyday from other sales partners offering the same services, they’re sick of those repetitive phone calls. Then comes the concerns of safety, implement safety methods such as a face mask, hand sanitizer and keeping distance from other people. Try to visit the merchant when they’re not as busy and have less guests to reduce the risk.

The Opportunity

Right now is a great time to catch merchants wanting to switch services. A lot of businesses are in the upgrading, remodeling and renovating phases of their business. Finding those businesses that are in those phases can be a huge opportunity for success. Those businesses may find out that their terminals are outdated and need upgrading. In that case, It’s important to promote equipment given this opportunity and provide merchants with as much information on terminals and pricing. Highlight key features that their terminals don’t have and explain how that problem can be solved with FlashBanc.

We all have to adapt to this new normal and continue to live our daily lives. Evolution is necessary and can present new opportunities for success and business. As always, stay safe out there!