Hello agents! Every business has its own unique goods and services, and likewise, they have their own needs. Those needs vary greatly, but there is one universal need for every business: a way to process transactions. No matter what a merchant offers, how well they do it, and how many customers they get, none of it matters unless they can collect a payment. Cash is always an option, but studies show that its in decline. Naturally, the next option is electronic payments. However, there are multiple terminals to choose from, each with their own advantages and disadvantages that match some industries better than others. To help them choose the best terminal, we decided to play matchmaker and provide you with a breakdown of the more common options to show them and help with that decision…

Countertop Terminals

The countertop terminals are the basic but reliable terminals that cover all of a merchant’s needs. They may not have ALL of the bells and whistles, but they still have a nice ring to them. There are two in particular that stand out:


The FD130 is the basic countertop terminal for general purposes. It accepts all major credit cards, contactless payments, gift cards, and EMV (chip) cards. The reader also serves as a terminal, printer, and a PIN pad all in one! In addition to the PIN pad, the FD130 also has a touch-screen for all of their daily needs! Finally, it can connect to the internet through dial-up, ethernet, and Wi-Fi connection. This terminal is best suited for restaurants, retailers, mail-order, and grocery stores!


The PAX S80 has the same functionality as the FD130, with the added benefit of using applications! In addition to being able to accept a wide array of transaction methods, the PAX S80 can also make use of programs provided by your merchant servicer, such as a loyalty program AND the Cash Discount Program! Additionally, the PAX S80 has a large capacity for memory and a stronger processor, allowing it to complete its operations faster. Similar to the FD130, the PAX S80 works well for restaurants, retailers, online and telephone orders, as well as grocery stores.

Wireless Terminals

The wireless terminals are similar to their countertop cohorts, but with some added usability. They can go anywhere a merchant needs them to with a network connection:


Similar to the FD130, the FD410 is capable of processing credit, debit, gift cards, checks, and electronic benefit transfer. However, this terminal is completely wireless, capable of going anywhere a merchant needs it to. While this may make it seem incredibly comparable to the FD130, where the two differ is in the FD410’s “store-and-forward” function. This allows it to provide card-present rates when there is no internet signal during the transaction. Additionally, this device functions similar to the PAX S80 in its ability to use value-added applications. It works especially best for delivery, event marketing, charity events, sporting events, taxi services, and mobile retailers.


The VX680 can process the same transactions as the FD410, as well as NFC and contactless payments. It processes quickly via Wi-Fi, GPRS, Bluetooth, or even 3G. Similar to the FD410, it will also allow a transaction to continue, even if it loses access to your network! Just like the PAX S80, it also allows for the use of applications to provide your customers with a better experience. The device is best suited for those on the go, such as charities, marketing events, sporting events, delivery or taxi services, but also for more traditional businesses like restaurants and general goods!


Unlike the two previous categories, the Clover suite is its own category all together due to the functionality they provide, with options for both countertop and wireless terminals:

Clover Station

The Station allows the merchant to do more than just process transactions. While keeping with its name and being stationary, this monster of a processor accepts all forms of electronic payments, including NFC, contactless, and Apple Pay. It also has built-in software to prevent any forms of fraud. However, the greatest benefit comes in the applications it offers. Downloadable from its own Clover app store, merchants can make use of applications for loyalty and rewards programs, business insights, and even manage their returns, employees, and inventory! This terminal is best used in any business that has the customers come to them!

Clover Mini

The Mini is exactly what is sounds like: all the usability of the Station at a convenient size! It accepts all forms of payment and protects a business’ customers while still having access to the Clover app store. While not as powerful as the Station, the Mini will simplify a merchant’s business and keep them happy. Its suited for anyone in a small area or for minimalists who don’t need the power of the Clover Station.

Clover Flex

Unlike the previous two, the Flex is capable of going anywhere its needed. This portable business system makes transactions easy, keeping with the Clover theme of accepting all payment methods, while still staying small and mobile. It also has a built in scanner that makes inventory management and inventory replenishing as easy as possible! In addition, merchants still get access to all those wonderful apps that you love with the Mini and the Station! The Clover Flex is great for anyone who is constantly on the move, or likes to manage their store from anywhere in the building!

Use this guide to best select which terminals will suit the merchants you’re pursuing, and then sign them up with FlashBanc! The expertise that you will be able to provide in helping them make their business more efficient and profitable will build the foundation of a relationship between the merchant, you, and FlashBanc. Also make sure to let them know that if anything goes wrong, FlashBanc’s support is a phone call away!