Personalized Training

FlashBanc agents are the best trained, most prepared agents in the industry.

We provide Account Executives with the Technology, Training and Marketing Tools to ensure their success. We built our reputation on providing superior resources and training necessary for sales partners to achieve their goals.

We recognize the importance of proper training and ongoing education and have committed substantial assets towards those services.

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MyFlashBanc is a proprietary, custom built website built exclusively for our Account Executives to manage their business. All agents are provided with login credentials to this online self-service portal upon embarking on a career with FlashBanc. This tool provides you the ability to listen to recorded trainings, view our live call schedule, manage your leads and accounts, access marketing materials, view industry news, keep up to date on sales contest/promotions and more. Most importantly, MyFlashBanc provides you with the ability to track your earnings and is available 24/7 and free of charge to all FlashBanc account executives.

Flashbanc University

We have created a robust training and education platform called FlashBanc University. This program consists of monthly conference calls, webinars, live and recorded trainings, online manuals and even a merchant processing bootcamp (where agents are able to fly into our corporate headquarters in Florida for an intense 3-day training program). The training is great for agents of all levels of experience, and ranges from merchant processing 101 for newer agents to advanced content, such as point of sale software systems and gift card/loyalty programs.

Personalized Support

Sales Professionals count on FlashBanc to provide them with the best support in the business. Whether it is front-end sales support that enables you to close deals, or back-end merchant support that keeps your customers processing and your residual growing; you can count on FlashBanc.

We are very aware that each and every Account Executive has different strengths, needs and approaches. We tailor our service and support based on the way you do business, ultimately allowing you to focus on what you do best.

Personal Sales Director

In addition to the best tools and technology in the business, each FlashBanc Account Executive is assigned a Personal Sales Director. Whether it’s assisting in understanding processing statements, facilitating the latest technology or explaining industry standards and practices, we help you make the sale while educating you about the industry at the same time.

We take pride in supporting both our agents as well as our merchants. This commitment enables sales executives to focus on building their merchant portfolio and residual income.

Marketing Tools

MyFlashBanc is preloaded with a wide variety of marketing materials. There are several styles of brochures and other promotional materials, allowing you to pick and choose pieces to match your individual selling style. Agents will also find industry specific materials to aid with targeting specific vertical markets. FlashBanc’s marketing team works hand-in-hand with Account Executives to provide them with custom marketing materials specific to the local market and/or industries that they want to target.