Hello Sales Partners!

Have you ever encountered a situation where you’re in the middle of a conversation with a merchant and they ask you a question you don’t know the answer to, but feel like you should. As a valued account executive with FlashBanc, you receive personalized training & support whenever you need it. From the technology, to marketing tools and rigorous training programs, we got you covered!

MyFlashBanc Portal

As stated in our previous blog, the MyFlashBanc portal has an exceptional amount of valuable information available to our sales partners. Under the myTraining tab, you will find sales training documents and documents pertaining to credit card processing. Now, if you don’t like reading that much, we’ve got you covered with numerous training videos that you can watch from anywhere. FlashBanc University is the best method to learn what it means to be an account executive. When you complete FlashBanc University, you will be prepared to tackle any situation that presents itself when talking to merchants.

Marketing Collateral

As a sales partner of FlashBanc, you receive personalized marketing support so you can get started and engrave your name into the minds of merchants. Also located through the MyFlashBanc portal under the Documents tab are custom flyers that you can leave your merchants after talking to them so they remember who you are and for any references. All of these flyers can be downloaded and customized to include your contact information.

Welcome Kits

We will keep this party going with our custom welcome kits designed specifically for you. An account executive can receive welcome kits which include custom marketing flyers, industry tips, and business cards. Custom FlashBanc business cards allow our sales partners to grow their business and allows merchants to contact them when they are needed. Our welcome kits introduce our sales partners to the industry and the company.

Conference Calls

Can it get any better? Why yes it can! If that’s not enough for you, then hop on a conference call with our sales directors. These conference calls are extremely valuable as a sales director will provide you with their personal experiences and insight on the industry. Some of the topics include getting started, building your business, building a roadmap to success, overcoming objections, value added products, and sales approaches & techniques. Every month a sales director hosts an experienced sales partner call where they will actually bring on an experienced sales partner to provide priceless information and personal experiences. Look for those conference call reminders and mark your calendars.

Personal Sales Director

Account executives also receive a personal sales director that they build valuable relationships with. Our sales directors are the best in the business with years and years of experience and knowledge in the industry. They live, eat, and sleep FlashBanc and make sure that our account executives have the right materials for growth and success. If you ever need more information on something, give your sales director a call, they will be happy to help you.

As you can see, FlashBanc values our partnerships and provides an account executive with extensive support & training in order for them to be successful. Come see for yourself what FlashBanc has to offer!