Hello agents! As a slight departure from our usual posts about services and help offered by FlashBanc, today we will be discussing our sister company, YuzzBuzz! YuzzBuzz is a digital marketing agency that works to increase the number of customers merchants bring in. We will cover how YuzzBuzz does this, the services offered, and how you can make use of YuzzBuzz as well!

What is YuzzBuzz?

As a digital marketing agency, YuzzBuzz offers a number of services for different prices, bundled together in packages. These services include search engine optimization (SEO), Paid advertisement, and social media marketing. 

SEO involves using keywords that are commonly searched on search engines to improve the standing of the webpage. By inserting these keywords, it is more likely that the webpage will appear higher on the search engine results page (SERP), with the goal of landing on the first results page. While Google is the most popular search engine, other search engines work with similar algorithms. These keywords are inserted in titles, subtitles, metadata, and body text. Search engines, in an effort to provide as much information as possible to users, like to read. As a result, the more that is written on a webpage, the better it will do. YuzzBuzz provides all of this, including writing the blogs and articles that the keywords will be inserted in, as well as providing analytics. SEO is organic, meaning it does not require payment to Google or any other search engine to provide results.

Paid advertising is a form of manually placing a webpage at the top of a SERP by paying a search engine. This ensures that a webpage will be seen by users on the first results page, at a cost to the merchant. In addition to this, keywords can be disassociated from webpages to ensure that a webpage is only seen when certain words are entered. While YuzzBuzz provides this service, it will also provide a real-time display of the ads’ performance.

Finally, social media marketing involves creating content for social media accounts to increase the exposure of merchants. It also provides merchants with an opportunity to interact with their customers and build a relationship with them, which in turn boosts sales. YuzzBuzz will provide a calendar that marks the scheduling of content posts and will produce the content that will be posted. These posts include two for Facebook and two for Instagram each week, totaling eight posts a month for both accounts.

How does this affect you?

As a Sales Partner with FlashBanc, you already conduct business with merchants on a daily basis. While you work on signing merchants up with FlasBanc, you could also mention YuzzBuzz. Sales Partners at FlashBanc can also work as Business Consultants for YuzzBuzz. Speak with your sales director about signing up with YuzzBuzz or contact YuzzBuzz at 1-888-815-3552.